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PT. Visindo Graphics ID
Jl. Rindang No.4, Cipedak Jagakarsa,
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Rege Indrastudianto, Mahdi Albart, Priska Asriani, Rival Ronaldi, Buda Patrayasa, Reza Junior Ranti, Dina Ardelina

The current healthcare system can be frustrating for patients, with long queues, complicated administration, and slow treatment. This is not the future of healthcare. The future of healthcare should help people easily lead healthier lives with improved quality of facilities, management and technology. An integrated health system is urgently needed!


Experienced in handling covid-19 tests and supported by lab technology, Bumame wants to expand its role in the health category as an accessible health service that makes every process more efficient and convenient for patients; starting from labs, mini hospitals, pharmacies, all can be accessed through one integrated app. Bumame is A Hassle-Free Health Solution.

We underlined the interconnectedness of healthcare as the foundation for developing the design. The integration and coordination of various elements in the healthcare system, including medical professionals, healthcare organizations, patients, and technology are depicted in Bumame’s new visual forms. A seamless design is consistently applied in the logo and all brand elements and visual expression. We also present interconnectedness into a patient-centric style of language to be used as a guideline in conveying messages.