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Scope of work

Rebranding & Brand Extension


Rebranding & Brand Extension


Rege Indrastudianto, Priska Asriani, Irfan Fadhilah, Buda Patrayasa, Wanda Zoe, Reza Ranti Junior, Ayu Widjaja, Nadira Wahono

From a humble vegan restaurant, Burgreens is now expanding to be the #1 choice plant-based F&B experience in Indonesia & Asia-Pacific. Now, Burgreens is a green-based company with a purpose; to make impact through joyful & mindful consumption habits. Simply by inspiring conscious consumption and innovating the way we eat and shop for a healthier and greener planet.


With 9 years of steady growth under its belt, Burgreens strives to become the 1st plant-based eatery concept in Asia Pacific. As more and more competitors are serving plant-based dishes and more restaurants provide healthy eating concepts, Burgreens needs to re-strengthen its position as the first and largest plant-based eatery chain with a more refreshing identity.

Burgreens’ brand DNA can be summed up as “Plantastic Flavorsome!” Using bright colorways of greens, yellows, and reds as well as joyful, versatile, and cheeky visuals, we want to convey Burgreens’ message that a healthier eating-out lifestyle and eating plant-based can be exciting. Lively and full of flavor.