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PT. Visindo Graphics ID
Jl. Rindang No.4, Cipedak Jagakarsa,
Jakarta Indonesia 12630.



Scope of work

Finance, Brand Identity


Finance, Brand Identity


Rege Indrastudianto, Iyan Susanto, Yogi Pradana, Rakhmat Jaka Perkasa, Vinny Asrita, Gumpita Rahayu /Tokotype, Bhara Felder, Leo Burnett & Visious Studio,

With the onset of the millennial generation, there are many forward-thinking individuals who are not satisfied with just having a saving account in a typical bank. They want seamless banking, which can be used not only to save money but to manage their money and fulfill their lifestyle needs.


The rapid growth of fintech and generational shifts give birth to Jenius, a digital banking who want to go beyond the banking category. Jenius is Life Finance, Banking Reinvented




We see Jenius not as banking, but a playground where the digital savvy generation plays a role as forward-thinking entrepreneurs, creative people who need to manage their money for creative processes, students who want to explore their potential. Thus, we came with a fun, simple, smart and adaptive style of personalities represented by our quirky illustrations with informal, engaging yet precise style of language.