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Campaign Identity


Campaign Identity


Rege Indrastudianto, Priska Asriani, Rival Ronaldi, Mahdi Albart, Dina Ardelina

Rexona is a household name in multiple countries. Born in 1908 as a skincare brand in Australia, Rexona came of age in the 1960s when they created and defined the antiperspirant market–a market they innovate and dominate to this day. With a brand DNA of Efficiacy, Confidence, Movement, they believe in the power of movement to transform lives without limits no matter who you are or how you move. Rayakan Gerakmu is a campaign initiated by the brand for world hijab day, in Indonesia: a tropical country with the biggest muslim population on Earth. The product being brought to the forefront of this campaign is the Rexona Hijab Natural which is designed to meet the specific needs of Hijabis, taking into consideration the multiple layers of modest clothing.

Rexona Rayakan Gerakmu

The Rayakan Gerakmu campaign aimed to be an unmissable campaign that celebrates movement of hijabis for the good of the self and for the greater good throughout the year from world hijab day to Ramadhan. Although movement is largely associated with sports and exercise, Rexona didn’t want to limit the campaign to just that, encompassing day to day movements of being active in general like going to work or even household activities. We needed to translate Rexona’s boldness as a brand while using the soft colors of the product as the main color of the key visuals. We also wanted to showcase three notable female figures, aligning their pose as a group while maintaining their well known individual personas without being too posy. It all comes down to creating a simple and bold campaign logo that incorporates Rexona’s tick mark and a unique element that is aligned with the campaign.

Our approach uses italic in the logo to create a sense of movement. To symbolize the hijab as well as create a more feminine look, a simple, flowing, ribbon-like element is used. Uniting the tick mark to the ribbon-like element instead of creating two individual elements reduces clutter and maintains the legibility. The key visuals uses poses with dynamic gestures and natural expressions to express a positive attitude with the photos taken from a high/low angle to express confidence. Using a a seamless background maintains simplicity so the audience can focus on the tick mark as well as the model while also creating a sense of boundlessness. The Rexona tick mark is also incorporated as part of the talent to create a bold and minimalist look.

Rexona Rayakan Gerakmu