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Scope of work

Brand Identity


Brand Identity


Rege Indrastudianto, Priska Asriani, Mahdi Albart, Ayu Widjaja

While there are multiple factors contributing to environmental problems, fast and unconscious consumption patterns play a significant role in exacerbating them. By making sustainable choices and changing our habits to embrace conscious consumption, we can reduce our environmental footprint and create a more sustainable future. A group of people aims to empower this sustainable movement by taking small actions, such as buying sustainable products from their local and traditional suppliers who are artists living in rural areas with limited access to market their products. They require a brand name and identity that represents their beliefs and actions.


After considering their purpose and the local suppliers, we have decided to create not only a name but also a brand concept that sets them apart from other sustainable stores, and to help them repackage their products. We have discovered that even small differences, such as self-sufficiency and DIY, can make a big impact. Our ideas may seem unconventional, but they are grounded in reality. We want them to inspire a DIY lifestyle with the eco-friendly and locally-made products they sell, whether it’s for a hobby, functional purposes, or just a cute must-have item. Their products are intended to be self-built and used for a good cause every day, making consumption not only more conscious but also slower and more enjoyable.


We believe that in order to sustain, growth has to follow a slower and more natural rhythm, much like the growth of a plant’s root. Therefore, we created a simple name, SEAKAR, which symbolizes one root that nurtures all the good causes they stand for. The name evokes interesting visual images that we have used for logo, graphics, photography, and even product development.