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Scope of work





Rege Indrastudianto, Derrie Kleefstra, Irfan Fadhilah, Rival Ronaldi, Priska Asriani, Daffa Okta, Aufar, April Annisa, Dina Ardelina, Ratna Yuriasari, Karima Saptarani, Dzikri Ilham, Kireina Masrina, Daud Sihombing, Harsya Wahono, Izhar Fathurrohim, Theo Gennardy, Reza Ranti Junior, Nadira Wahono

Starting with the name “Whoosh,” inspired by the sound of a high-speed train zooming by, this logo was created to be simple and easy for everyone to understand. The idea behind this design is to show how the train’s fast speed brings change, speed, growth, and achievements in various parts of life, the economy, and culture.


This concept depicts the rippling effect of the train’s speed, which forms the letter “W’ as the logogram. Beyond just representing the name “Whoosh”, this logogram also directly represents the powerful impact the train has on people.

We delved into the origins of light and its ability to illuminate various objects, using its journey as inspiration to create a dynamic logo suitable for diverse visual applications. The logo’s components interact with both the reader and author, portraying them as seekers of enlightenment.

This is visualized through the design principle which applies a dynamic curve, a solid structure, and an ever upward-facing line. Through the application of contrasting and vivid colors as well as sturdy lettering, the logo expression carries an energetic character reflecting the agility, power, courage, assertiveness, and sharpness of the vision for the future. Overall, this visual identity aims to convey that the high-speed train will bring about a positive and significant change to Indonesia’s progress.