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Scope of work

Brand Identity, Packaging Design


Brand Identity, Packaging Design


Rege Indrastudianto, Irfan Fadhilah, Mahdi Albart, Aufar, Nadira Wahono

With the new product launch of Whymee, Burgreens aims to bring the future of instant noodles to the market and introduce a healthier version of staple food that is still just as tasty and fulfilling but much, much healthier.


Our goal is to help Whymee, a premium quality vegan instant noodle, enter the market by developing a brand image that distinguishes Whymee from other vegan products. By projecting an appealing brand image to customers, people can easily accept the future of instant noodles.

Whymee Noodles

We try to define design approach by using keywords: human-centered, modern and youthful. The visuals encourage curiosity (to look for the Why). Using witty and fun copywriting, Whymee uses a thoughtfully combined typography-focused layout. The product is imbued with dynamic adaptive design, stickers and color system to ease launching new flavor variants in the future.

Whymee Noodles