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Rege Indrastudianto, Rakhmat Jaka Perkasa, Vinny Asrita

Danone Academy Indonesia is a training Center for Danone Employee. DAI asked Visious to make an infographic on one of their office walls. The wall was 15 meters in width and 3 meters in height. They required an attractive appearance, specifically to represent Danone Core Values which is HOPE ( H: Humanism, O: Open, P: Proximity and E: Enthusiasm). It should also be able to show Indonesian rich culture, where the trainer and expats in DAI could see and discover how diverse Indonesia really was.


Danone core value. The idea for this project was, if you want to see the richness of Indonesia as a whole, “LOOK FROM ABOVE”. We were inspired by the map of Indonesia itself and applied it on how we illustrated the word HOPE. The word HOPE itself could represent indonesian strong nasionalism and had direct connection with.

Danone Hope
Danone Hope