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Scope of work

Rebranding & Brand Extension


Rebranding & Brand Extension


Rege Indrastudianto, Mahdi Albart, Naufal Aflah Gustiandza, Ayu Widjaja

Mizan has long been known as a publisher of Islamic books only. However, the company has built many imprints, expanded its brand assets, and published many popular genres that are more dynamic and geared toward younger audiences. Mizan has also published books from thinkers across ages, religions, races, and values.

Despite these changes, Mizan’s vision remains the same: the company aims to be a source of wisdom for every generation, promoting openness, tolerance, and respect for humanity. Mizan hopes to revitalize this vision with a new spirit that is more relevant to the current generation.


In the present post-truth era, knowledge is often weaponized to polarize individuals into taking sides, resulting in a preference for short-form news and a declining interest in books, particularly those from established publishing house. Despite this trend, many individuals yearn for a different approach but remain unsure of where to turn for guidance.

With its extensive collection of Islamic and diverse genre books, as well as its rich history, we aim to revive the Mizan vision and establish itself as a curator of enlightenment for the current generation. Through its new DNA, Mizan invites all individuals to embrace the wisdom of diverse knowledge and transcend polarization to discover the light.

We delved into the origins of light and its ability to illuminate various objects, using its journey as inspiration to create a dynamic logo suitable for diverse visual applications. The logo’s components interact with both the reader and author, portraying them as seekers of enlightenment.

We also aimed to make the brand voice more relatable, emphasizing relevance to the lives of contemporary audiences rather than merely outlining book content. The logo serves as the driving force behind Mizan’s offline and online events, including their upcoming 40th anniversary celebration.