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Annual Report


Annual Report


Rege Indrastudianto, Wanda Zoe, Rival Ronaldi, Naufal Aflah, Dina Ardelina

The Bank Jago app allows for financial management that is simple, innovative, and collaborative. 2021 was a crucial period for Bank Jago. They were able to build a solid IT foundation to follow through on their 3 promises: ensure the smooth running of your day-to-day life, help you fulfill your dreams for the future, and last but not least, to be able to do all this with those you love; family, friends, and even colleagues.

Bank Jago

The major focus of Bank Jago’s 2021annual report revolved around their Hero App based on Bank Jago’s persona of “everyday hero” where they want to be a hero for everyone, especially the younger generation that needed a trusty bank that really speak and understood them. It is Bank Jago’s vision to help them break their boundaries and reach their dream as high as possible, especially their financial goals. The challenge was in translating “Financial Maturity” and “Breaking Boundaries” as this year’s JAGO Annual Report theme into a creative concept.

The full AR concept is “Financial Maturity and Breaking Boundaries tailored in one, Bank Jago for everyone.” We pictured the users of Bank Jago as the main focus on the cover. Elevating Bank Jago’s millenial users who rely on Jago in their everyday. Through various features, Jago supports varied range of groups, one of them is Small Business Unit (SBU). The theme “Breaking Boundaries” is implemented through this approach by showing how Jago provides conveniences for (SBU) to develop their business by managing their financial needs with Jago.

Bank Jago