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Scope of work

Editorial, illustration


Editorial, illustration


Rege Indrastudianto, Derrie Kleefstra, Wanda Zoe, Joe, Buda Patrayasa, Ayu Widjaja

The tourism sector has the potential to be the biggest FEI contributor to the Indonesian creative industry. The holding of various events is an essential part of the tourism sector and the creative economy. The more events held increases the attractiveness of a region and raises the number of visits by both domestic and international tourists. This increased visitation by tourists then has a massive positive impact for the development of the creative industry. One positive effect being the betterment of the community’s economy with the opening of many job opportunities as well as an increase in the FEI yield.


The challenge was to design a visual event database for the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenparekraf) packaged as a digital as well as a physical book to ease data identification and provide accurate information. The design needed to be visually interesting whether it’s from the layout, content legibility, or the appropriate illustration to represent each of the regions and clusters. There were 876 events, 34 provinces, and 6 clusters.

We chose a visual concept that leans more mature by highlighting Kemenparekraf’s professionalism as a body that represents the nation and their artistic side as an institution that protects and promotes creative practitioners in the country. The illustration style utilised uses static colors and used thoughout all layouts in the book to maintain consistency from cover to cover with each cluster being assigned their own color. The book structure is designed to maximize legibility by creating an information system for each page supported by appropriate typography selection and size.