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Scope of work

Packaging Design


Packaging Design


Rege Indrastudianto, Priska Asriani, Buda Patrayasa, Wanda Zoe, Dina Ardelina

As a beloved staple in family households, Diamond Milk UHT is on a quest to capture a fresh modern look without losing its trusted identity. Our team has been tasked with revitalising Diamond UHT’s signature appearance through an extensive packaging revamp. The project’s goals are to rejuvenate the brand by refreshing Diamond Milk’s appearance without alienating current users, fully leveraging UHT’s portfolio, and establishing a consistent brand architecture between UHT and fresh milk.

Diamond UHT Milk

The revamped Diamond Milk packaging preserves the brand’s value and enhances its image, all while maintaining its cherished legacy and customer loyalty. Its vibrant and relevant design is crafted to appeal to a target audience of primarily millennial moms. We’ve developed a cohesive visual system to ensure a unified packaging hierarchy across all SKUs.

Since its early years, “Milk” has always been the focal point of Diamond’s packaging, and we retained this familiar milky appeal in the new imagery and typeface. To add a playful touch, we introduced three cow characters for each UHT variant: 1L for families, 200ml for the general audience, and 125ml for kids. Fresh, bold colors were used to create an easily recognizable color system for each flavor.

Our packaging direction focuses on the keywords: milky, subtle, friendly, bold, tasty, and fresh.

Diamond UHT Milk