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Scope of work

Packaging Design


Packaging Design


Rege Indrastudianto, Derrie Kleefstra, Priska Asriani, Karima Saptarani, Wanda Zoe, Dina Ardelina

With Biokul seeking a new audience in the younger generation, they needed a fresh new face. Already an established brand, Biokul needed a design that allowed them to seamlessly integrate themselves into the daily routines of Millenials and Gen X-ers while still standing out amongst its competitors. To appeal to this section of the market, the new packaging design needs to be eye-catching but simple and flexible. It must also be visually appetizing with the use of bright colors, bold typography, and striking illustrations. With the big idea being “Your fun-loving, joyful yogurt drink”, our packaging direction focused on three key words; delightful, fun, and distinctive.