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Scope of work

Initiative Project


Initiative Project


Rege Indrastudianto, Vinny Asrita, Nadira Wahono, Yudit halim

Originally a program by Japan Foundation, “DOOR to ASIA” is a designer-in-residence program where designers from all over Asia produce design needs for the local businesses of a specific region. Originating in Tohoku to create opportunities for companies/brands that were affected by the tsunami to be able to expand and rebrand their brand to reach their maximum potential, the initiative has now grown far and beyond.

Door to Asia 2016

Designers from Korea, Malaysia, Philipines, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand take part to further connect with other Asian market. Rege Indrastudianto, our creative director/founder, was assigned to Saikichi Shouten, a family-operated business located in the Kesennuma Miyagi Prefecture. The business has been operating for over 90 years, initially specializing in processed food products from fish especially Sanma, and oyster. Now they have expanded into product retail as well as opening their own restaurants.

Familial bond is a crucial part of Saito’s family. Bappa (Grandma’s) Kitchen has always been the place for them to dine, study, work, chat and grow together. A place of fellowship for every generation of the family. There, meals are prepared wholeheartedly, using fresh quality ingredients straight from the source. Since Japanese culture, especially their cuisine, is well-known and well-received in Jakarta, Indonesia, the main objective was to introduce Saikichi Shouten and the Kesennuma culture as a way to eat together and live better. The warmth of togetherness. “Delicious meals, for enriched lifestyle”

We decided to create illustration-focused collaterals to communicate these quintissential Japanese family values for the key visuals and website along with special packaging as well as merchandising. The illustration and its colorway represent the warm Kesennuma culture and expresses the very genuine, heartfelt feeling you get when meeting Saito’s family of Saikichi Shouten.

Through the illustrations we visualize familiar items of the traditional Kesennuma culture, ingredients, as well as the landscape to really connect with the future target market which mostly consist of women; mothers, future mothers, grandmothers, aunties who we want to inspire to also cook wholehearted meals for their family.

Door to Asia 2016