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Scope of work

Brand Identity


Brand Identity


Rege Indrastudianto, Ratna Yuliasari, Irfan Fadhilah, Naufal Aflah, Buda Patrayasa, Ayu Widjaja, Reza Ranti

While digital investments have become more popular in recent years, many people don’t fully understand the associated risks before investing. On the other hand, traditional investments are less accessible and often come with less transparent fund managers.


Powered by technology and expertise backed by years of experience in the banking and investment industry, Simpan was built with the aim to help everyone achieve financial well-being without having to speculate. Simpan uses technology to make investment more transparent, to help people invest their money for the long term in a way that suits their financial goals and risk tolerance. Thus, investing digitally is no longer like walking in a dark maze. Simpan stands for clarity.


We envisioned the brand as an expert who makes the whole investment process more transparent, as bright and clear as a spotlight that will guide its client throughout the process.


Calming experience for long-term investors

We developed a design strategy based on clarity; a simple logo derived from two saving boxes of compounding portfolios, bright colors that differentiate from typical financial imagery, typography that is functional and eligible, iconography that tells the function of features and benefits, monometric style-illustrations to explain investment with simple and interesting analogies.