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Brand Identity


Brand Identity


Mahdi Albart, Wanda Zoe, Naufal Aflah, Ayu Widjaja, Daud Sihombing, Kireina R. Masri

Grafis Masa Kini, also known as GMK, is a media publication initiative covering the creative scene with a focus on graphic design developments in Indonesia and beyond. Taking on a casual yet contemporary character, GMK strives to uphold credibility with content that is not only for the benefit of social media growth but also to support the creative ecosystem in the country as a whole.


As the Indonesian graphic design field grows and develops, media coverage of this ongoing evolution often falls short in keeping its finger on the pulse. After operating for years, Grafis Masa Kini remains one of only a handfull of media publications focusing discussions and discourse revolving around the world of graphic design. Aiming to become a reliable reference point for the public in regards to the happenings around the industry and ecosystem of design and visual art, GMK needs a strong visual identity to complements and achieve this mission.

Grafis Masa Kini

The Grafis Masa Kini logo has two configurations corresponding with two different facets of GMK’s purpose; horizontal and vertical. The horizontal configuration was adapted from the shape of a megaphone signifying GMK’s role as a disseminator of news. This logo is used for content of a topical and current nature like updates, news coverage and even job opportunities.

The vertical logo, on the other hand, was derived from the shape of a lighthouse. Symbolising GMK’s role as a navigator, this configuration is applied to articles that are more in-depth and and presents pockets of knowledge for the reader in the form of features, reviews, interviews, and op-eds.

Grafis Masa Kini